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To do or not to Do that is the Question.

Heroic Symphony

What would you do? That is the difference between failure and success or right and wrong. A while back I came across a very interesting show on the ABC Network entitled What would you do? Host John Quinones and his team of writers come up with real life scenarios that test the nature of people. And to see if people care enough to get involved. After viewing the videos below ask yourself the impending question, What would you do?


From Rags to Redemption

People have  this remarkable habit of  seeing someone who’s down on there luck and  and bringing them out of the depths and helping them return to a much better path.

The story of Ted Williams as displayed  below describes the very point I’m trying to make

Years ago I heard of  a Humanitarian Idea Called A couple of Friends helped a down on his luck homeless man and turned his life around.  In the story of  Tim Edwards and the wonderful team at P.T.B. as they take this man all the way back from the gutters to the stars.

Heroes Wanted

I find it funny that doing the right thing has gone out of style like your favorite jeans. People nowadays would rather sit by while an incident transpires. About 80% would rather not get involved 15% and 5% don’t care. If you were in danger how would you want to be saved or would you even want to be saved? and how

Hero of the day – A song for the unsung heroes

Life may be at times a little uneasy, but its nice to know there are good things are out there as well as good people who do them.

This is a place to post and celebrate the underdog or the unsung heroes of everyday if you will.

We go through life looking at all the bad, that we may overlook the good things and people that make things better. And when  we finally express how this person made a great impact in our lives its often too late.

So post about someone that made a difference in your day such as: teacher, family member or even a person you only met once. Who knows you might be somebodies hero and didn’t even know it